Non-Food R&D Support

ChemPhysica is a special sub-activity of FoodPhysica, focused on sustainable Applied Chemistry and Physics Research. Bio-based materials, upcycled materials, biomass conversion and circular economy will be the main themes of future-oriented research. With a background in engineering, basic natural sciences such as chemistry and physics, Clyde Don Consultancy can deliver: inspiration, solutions and new routes in your research project.  This can be theory-based and/or supported by experiments in our own laboratory. On several topics ChemPhysica has pushed innovation forward:

  • Bioplastics
  • Bio-adhesives
  • Pigment Dispersion
  • Solvation / dispersion of particles
  • Application Testing
  • New Bio-based Materials
  • Coatings / Barriers
  • New Polymers
  • Method development

Most of our clients in this branch of applied & solution driven non-food R&D are start-ups and middle sized companies needing an expert and R&D lab to bring their prototype and/or product to the next level.